July 3, 2017 Staff Login

Healing The Soul of The City #healingincommunity

  Healing in Community is a transmedia project that brings the power of storytelling and awareness to both the impact of trauma and the use of ancient healing traditions. We believe that the soul must be the center and the core of healing. By using a combination of ancient healing modalities and expressive mediums such as visual arts, music, and physical movement we can create meaningful connections with ourselves and others. Healing the soul of the city is a collective effort of diverse community resources combining efforts to address the long-term impact of Trauma and provide sustainable outlets for social and economic restoration. 

Healing in Community demonstrates resources for wellness and self-healing from the long-term stress of inter-generational, economic, medical and emotional trauma. Addressing the impact of historical and systematic racism that maintains trauma in communities of color provides resources for organizations and institutions to audit their operating practices and norms. Increasing methods for reducing stress, anxiety and providing outlets for listening within organizations, systems and communities reveals best practices in restorative and healing modalities. 

#HealinginCommunity employs visual narratives to highlight ancient and community healing rituals. Our goal is to highlight strategies that expand opportunities for soulful expression, conscious expansion, and optimal wellness. We are creating short films designed to share stories, inspiration and platforms that illuminate the impact of indigenous healing resources and self-care practices of individuals and their communities. #HealingInCommunity is sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the National Centered for Trauma Informed Care. 

Using #HealinginCommunity as an interactive transmedia tool provides individuals and indigenous resources with a platform to share their stories and tools. It also provides a rubric for trainers and providers to teach the core principles of Trauma Informed Care by sharing pathways to culturally connected techniques for restoring the soul of distressed individuals and communities. 

Success can be measured by the increase in awareness of community and ancient models of healing, activities involving community building that include laughter, mindfulness, and showing up for one another. Over time, the adoption of indigenous and contemporary healing practices will increase opportunities for resiliency, reduces toxic stress, improves clarity of thought and overall health and self-care for individuals and communities. 

If you have a story or image you would like to share about your healing journey, post your story or your image here or inbox us at admin@livewellbemore.com.