The Living Well

The Living Well holds space for social entrepreneurs, creatives and healers who are exchanging resources and capacity to:

  • build Platforms and brands
  • incubate ideas
  • create economic transactions,
  • preserve culture artforms
  •  heal historic exposure to toxic stress
  • engage community

We host Pop-Ups, Creative Placemaking events, Retreats, Community Healing Circles, Indigenous Arts Workshops, Mindfulness training, Community Talk Backs,

The Living Well is a hub of creative, innovative and social thought leaders who are reframing the status quo of power, policy and healing for Black, Brown, LGBTQI, and person with diverse abilities.

We operate as open teams of teams with symbiotic relationships working toward a common mission or purpose.

We are devoted to Soulful Expression, Conscious Expansion and Optimal Wellness.

The Living Well holds safe space for alternative perspectives and forms of expression.  We preserve culture art forms and use indigenous healing technologies to provide alternative resources for wellness and healing.

First come First serve Vendor Opportunities

Download application; complete; Showcase your product or service.  Request an application today.  All applications and payments must be received by December 17, 2020.

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